About Wannetta Fleming & Selah Studio

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My passion is helping people; to walk alongside them in their journey to live full lives without pain, depression and seasonal affective disorder. My passion was born out of spending too many years in depression and seeing friends go through life in chronic pain. I decided I wanted to do something to help people live a fuller more enjoyable life. I went to school for a year to be a massage therapist and while going through the process of applying for my license I was introduced to light therapy.

The lights were a revelation to me. A friend had invited me to go with her to a presentation on light therapy. That evening I had a 20 minute session with the lights and experienced complete relaxation and my mood was lifted. In that same evening presentation, I sat across the aisle from someone who stated that he had neuropathy. After the light therapy he stated he had increased sensation in the bottom of his feet. Another person reported that the tension in her shoulders had been reduced. The presenter that evening, Edna Ness of POSH, let us know that the FDA had cleared those very same lights to decrease pain and increase circulation. Wow. Why didn’t I know about this? I couldn’t believe that something so helpful to so many people wasn’t more widely known.

Going home that night, I researched light therapy and In Light Wellness Systems (the company who’s lights I had experienced). I found that there is a vast difference between the lights I experienced and other lights available on the market. I came to the conclusion that both Edna Ness and ILWS had the integrity and a spirit of excellence which is what I want for myself and anyone I help. Fast forwarding to today, I’m glad I am part of a culture that holds such high standards!

Selah Studio was started so that I would have a platform to share the information on light therapy and give people a chance to experience it. You can’t take advantage of a chance to increase your health if you don’t know about it. I hope that you will visit one of my free presentations and experience light therapy for yourself. I look forward to meeting you!

Please click on the light therapy button here on my website to find out more about light therapy.